How to connect with influential bloggers by Vinod Narbar

The key to online success is the connections you build with the right people. In a way, it’s similar to real life (aka life outside of the Internet) where the relationships you have can help you grow your business better, and faster. Online, the people you need to connect to the most are those who have the most influence over your audience and they can often be bloggers.


Bloggers can sometimes attract massive audiences that follow not just their blogs, but also their digital footprint. They interact with them on a regular basis, and take their opinions and advice seriously. Having a good relationship with the right bloggers that are relevant for your business (and also target the same audience as you) can help you secure:

Guest posting
Sponsored posts
Product Reviews
Generating brand awareness
Educate your target audience on certain features
Or, simply building a relationship
Blogging OutreachHowever, finding the right bloggers to connect with and getting them to write about your brand can be a difficult task. At Comms Axis we specialise in blogging outreach programmes. They are quite simply PR in the 21st Century! We work with bloggers to help get a brands story out there; focusing on influential media outlets and contacts to help build a company’s reputation and brand awareness.

Below, are a few tips, as well as useful tools that can help you gather your own list of bloggers much easier:

Check to see who you are already interacting with
You might already be interacting with other influential bloggers – whether on your own blog, or on various social networks. If you’ve already established some sort of relationship with them, and they have interacted with you in the past, it shows that they might be willing to take your relationship further. If appropriate, consider talking to them about how you can help each other.

Make sure the bloggers you find are still blogging
Not all bloggers blog regularly and you may find in your search that blogs have become abandoned and not used for months, even years.

How engaged are they?
You need to look at not just their social media networks but also their blog. Do they generate many shares or comments? Do they take the time to respond to comments? Are they simply broadcasting on social media or actually talking to people – with people responding back! For successful results you want to connect with bloggers who take the time to engage.

the right bloggersFind out how influential a blogger is
Before contacting a blogger you’ve discovered, make sure you find out how influential he/she is. The more influential they are, the more chances there are that you won’t actually be able to establish a relationship with them. The bigger a blog is, the more emails/requests they receive each day, making it very difficult to stand out. In most cases, it’s better to start with smaller blogs – they might have less readers and followers, but that also means you’ll probably have a much better chance at building a strong relationship with them that could benefit the both of you.

Tools to find bloggers
Group High is very easy to use – we wrote a full review here. You can use it to create lists and folders where you add your own lists of blogs, or search for blogs with their search function. The beauty of this tool is that it provides dozens of very useful stats, that will help you easily determine how influential a blog is, their contact information (if available), their social media links and stats, and even SEO and traffic metrics. Each blog you add to your lists has a very detailed profile, allowing you to make an informed decision, without even having to navigate away from the page.

Inky Bee is another tool designed specifically for blogger outreach. You can use it to create numerous lists, and then add your own blogs or search for them using Inky Bee. You can set up discovery jobs and get emails whenever new blogs pop up matching your keywords, or search for blogs in real time, either by blogs posts, by blog name or by tags. Once you start populating your list of blogs, you’ll be able to easily compare them based on various useful metrics, such as the size of their audience, the levels of engagement, their social media followers and even by how often they post now blog posts. You can also add a list of your clients and set up campaigns directly within Inky Bee.

AuthoritySpy aggregates multiple data sources from the web. It helps you find influencers as well as authority blogs. AuthoritySpy also enhances each result by adding authority rankings (based on Followerwonk’s social authority and Klout score). Their search results are very useful; you can run language specific as well as search for localised influencers and blogs by entering certain areas.

Blogger outreach approach
Approaching bloggers can be a very tricky subject. Many will not respond well, and many won’t respond at all. Before contacting a blogger, it’s extremely important that you do your research as thoroughly as possible. Don’t just read a few of their most recent article titles, but actually spend some time reading their articles. Most bloggers will be able to spot your honesty in your emails and will be put off if it’s obvious you haven’t read anything from their blog, or even worse, if you are pretending you’ve read it. Ensure your emails are relevant and personable and not simply a cut and paste job. Although this will take longer it will help you stand out and have a much better chance of receiving positive responses.

Blogging outreach takes time and it can often help by outsourcing to an agency (such as ours!) as they can consistently get better results, particularly if they already have good relationships with bloggers.

What are the methods you use to reach bloggers? Have you used any other useful tools for your blogger outreach? Let us know in your comments 🙂


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